Energy Medicine Workshop and Ecopsychology

*Four-Year Program


The intention of this program is to build a strong foundation for practitioners and or individuals to engage their true potential in their life. The program will build from one year to the next as we delve into the teachings of the Medicine Wheel. Each year will create a deepening of self-realization, healing, conscious awareness, and intuition. As a society we are living in very challenging times, time is speeding up and the energetic shifts of the Mother Earth are being accelerated. We may experience this as overwhelm or chaos around us. Our inner landscape and outer world no longer mirror each other. We are puzzled and confused about what we feel, see, and hear. We need tools in order to feel supported in these changing times. The classes will support and nurture your whole being in order to integrate and open to the remembering of the teachings, which are embedded deep in your bones.

We will sit with the questions of: What is our life’s work? How are we dealing with these challenging times? What tools do we need in order to create a larger life? What support do we need in order to sustain a community? How do we become self-aware and self-responsible human beings? Which direction are we sitting in on the Medicine Wheel in our lives right now? How do we find balance as we navigate around the Medicine Wheel?

What is Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology?

“Energy Medicine” is derived from the ancient indigenous traditions meant to work with the body’s wisdom and its inherent ability to heal itself.

“Ecopsychology” comes from ecology – the organic inter-relatedness of all living beings, and our relationship with our Mother the Earth.

This training program was created by Dr. Jane Ely. Rosa Bergola has had the honour to further develop it and to teach it on the east coast.


The classes I teach will explore a holistic approach to healing the body, mind, emotions and spirit of the human being. The classes support deep transformation on a personal and professional level. They are a calling for a deeper awakening to the manifestation of the work you were born to do in your life. I focus on our relationship with all life and the practice of being self-responsible, empowered, spiritual adults.

Classes explore the anatomy of the human energy-body in relation to our history, culture, and life lessons. Many of the teachings are based on my life experience, self-awareness practices and insights for living a more conscious life. I also explore how we need to bring home more of who we are (parts of our soul) in order to live a bigger and fuller life.

There are four-weekend classes in level 1, and one 3 day weekend retreat in June (Arrival Friday afternoon – Departure Sunday afternoon). Classes begin in TBA, please remember to bring your calendars so that we can collectively decide on the frequency and pace of these transformative classes. Future class dates are set according to everyone’s calendar during our first class together.

The tuition for level one is $3,000.00 plus a $100.00 non-refundable application fee. Payment plans are available.

Included in the tuition are:

Four Two-Day weekend classes and One 3 Day Retreat class, teachings and class notes (11 days total). Ten one-hour supervision/private sessions once a month, additional private sessions with Rosa are $150.00. The deadline for applications is TBA.

Themes for Each Year:

  • Level I Theme: The Southern Direction – The Element of Earth: Who we are in Relationship with the Earth.
  • Level II Theme: The Western Direction -The Element of Water: Navigating our emotional landscape.
  • Level III Theme: The Northern Direction – The Element of Air: Living with awareness.
  • Level IV Theme: The Eastern Direction – The Element of Fire: Coming full circle through creativity, passion and manifestation. The Center of the Wheel: Balance, Birth, Death, Harmony, Integration.


If you are interested in participating in this program please email or call Rosa Bergola at 514-251-1511 during my office hours, Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm to receive an application.

Once you have completed the application send it to the address on the application with a check for $100 made payable to Rosa Bergola. Once Rosa has received your application, she will phone you for an interview. If you would like to talk over the program in detail or make an appointment to discuss the program in person, you can reach Rosa during her office hours.

The location of the three-day retreat is in the heart of the beautiful Eastern Townships of the Province of Quebec, Canada. It is a one-hour drive from the Vermont border. Located on a crystal vein, the land emanates a powerful magnetic force accompanied by many Devic Kingdom beings. First Nations People, the Abenaki (People of the Dawn) are the ancestral spirit keepers of the land. Their presence and guidance are keenly felt.

Meet Your Instructor, Rosa Bergola

Rosa is a Holistic Health practitioner and teacher of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology. She is a graduate of the Natural Health Consultant Institute, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science and also The Peacemaker School, USA., where she earned her minister’s certification in peacemaking.