Rosa Bergola

Holistic Health Practitioner

Rosa is a Holistic Health Practitioner and teacher of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology. Rosa is a graduate of the Natural Health Consultant Institute, 1995, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science, 1999, and The Peacemaker School, USA, where she earned her minister’s certification in peacemaking. She went on to found The Peacemaker School, Canada, in 2004.

Rosa has additional training in Advanced Healers Training Program taught by Dr. Jane Ely, Conflict Partnership with international peacekeeper Dudley Weeks, Ph.D.

Rosa is a poet. Her first book is titled “Awakening to the Peace Within, The Journey of Spirit into Matter” is designed to take you through the four phases of the inner peace journey. “Every poem is a vision of my life and relationship with people, nature, and the ‘great-mystery-that-moves-through-all-things.’ Each chapter is a manifestation of my commitment to the creative process and how the journey ignites the soul to grow.”  Rosa is a word gatherer, she gathers words through her poetry as threads for intentional living through a centered heart.

Rosa teaches Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology developed by Dr. Jane Ely, a program rooted in the teachings of the medicine wheel, healing concepts, ceremony and practices for individual transformation through self-awareness. She teaches from Dr. Ely’s book “Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential” published by Parvatipress. Which has also been translated into French “ Trouver l’équilibre avec la roue de Médicine” published by Édition VÉGA.

She has also assisted Dr. Jane Ely as a ceremonial elder in the ceremony of “Sacred Land Practices” Vision Quest offered in Canada. A transformational ceremony in which she has direct experience as part of her ongoing personal spiritual practice.

In private practice since 1994 with 25+ years experience. She established a professional practice in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in spiritual counselling, grief work, energy medicine, peacemaking skills, conflict partnership, applied kinesiology, conscious transformational dying and meditation. She also teaches these skills to groups and in ongoing programs.

My Intention Statement

As human beings, I believe we have arrived at a crossroads of making different choices to support, ground and maintain our relationships not only with ourselves but with our communities, the collective and this beautiful planet earth that we live upon.  Our individual choices will reflect upon the collective as ways to move forward consciously or to stay stuck in our resistance to change.

My intention as a healer and Spiritual Counselor is to be a support and guide in the process of awakening consciously through the process of unveiling and unravelling the truth of your true inheritance and place in the world.