Vision Quest Ceremony 2019


August 9 - 19th, 2019

Sacred Land Practices | Location: L’Arc en Ciel, Sutton, Eastern Townships, Quebec, Canada

The location of August 2019 Vision Quest/Sacred Land Practice is in the heart of the beautiful Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec, Canada. The landscape is conducive to going deeply inward surrounded by forests and abundant wild life, sitting beside a stream listening to the voice of the waters or being in a forest surrounded by the elementals of the land. The land emanates a powerful magnetic force supported by the Devic Kingdom. First Nations People, the Abenaki [People of the Dawn] are the ancestral spirit keepers of the land. Their presence and guidance is keenly felt in this pristine boreal forest. This Vision Quest is held in the ancient ways of our ancestors as taught to Dr. Jane Ely from childhood. It is a traditional ceremony.

The ceremony begins Friday, Aug. 9th at 4 pm. and concludes on Mon., Aug. 19th in the early afternoon. We will hold council circles and preparation classes Aug. 9, 10 and 11 in support of going out on a traditional four-day prayer and fasting time. The actual ceremony of sacred silence, listening, visioning and prayer starts at sunrise, Aug. 12th and concludes at dawn return on Friday the 16th; followed by three days of incorporating your experience through silence, council practice and additional ceremony along with teachings for integration and incorporation of into your life. We conclude the entire ceremony on Aug. 19th. Do not make travel arrangements until Aug. 20th.

When considering participating in a Vision Quest, it is important to feel the pull from within. There is a longing to drop the burdens of the outer world, to sit in sacred ceremony, asking Spirit’s support and help. You will notice a deep inner need arising, perhaps a sense that your life is at a pivotal point or that you are seeking guidance to deepen your life experience. Preparation for the ceremony begins the moment you speak with Jane and commit to the practice. We council for up to 9 months prior to and, post Vision Quest for 4 months to support you integrating your ceremony. This is an in-depth traditional indigenous ceremony rarely offered and the level of commitment is unique for both the participant as well as the Vision Quest Elders.

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Ceremonial Elder

Jane Ely, D. Min. is a spiritual teacher receiving training in energy medicine, dream and guided imagery, psychodynamics, peacemaking skills and, skillful means to support personal transformation including counseling skills for being with dying for individuals and families.




Ceremonial Elder

Rosa Bergola is a Holistic Health practitioner and teacher of Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology. She is a graduate of the Natural Health Consultant Institute, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science and also The Peacemaker School, USA., where she earned her ministers certification in peacemaking.  She went on to found The Peacemaker School, Canada in 2004.



Ceremonial Elder, D.O.M., Firekeeper

Roddey Cohn is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and began her career as a healer studying bodywork and gestalt therapy at Esalen Institute in the early 1980s. She has worked extensively with athletes and was the massage therapist for the Austin Ballet Company in the mid-1990s. She graduated from the Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin in 1997 with an emphasis on Tai Chi/Chi Gong mediation practices. Roddey has been in private practice for almost 30 years and incorporates custom herbal formulas, Energy work and structural bodywork into her acupuncture practice. She has taught classes and supervised clinics in both acupuncture and herbal medicine at both the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin and at Southwest Acupuncture College in Santa Fe. Roddey has been listening to the Voices of the Earth and participating in Ceremony since she was a young woman. She is honored to be holding sacred space with these Elders and to be Fire Keeper for Vision Quest.