What is Healing?

We are often not aware of what ails us. We feel tired stressed, sluggish, and a deep sense of loss. We experience stress, overwhelm and despair. Holding on will only bring more pain and suffering. But if we move through it, we find peace in our hearts.

The process of healing begins when we awaken to what is hidden. Our awareness shifts and we open to the places in us that keep us stagnant. Whether it begins in the physical, mental-emotional or the spiritual body, healing occurs when we make a commitment to shift the energy.

Healing is a dance of souls, a remembering of who we really are and where we came from. The process is a gentle unfolding of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The rhythm and heart beat of each soul is honored with its own sense of readiness and willingness to go into the process of healing. The door is then open to infinite possibilities of who we are as individuals and where our place is in the world.

Healing is a holographic process facilitated by hands-on-healing, counseling, energy balancing, body mind centered awareness, soul retrieval, meditation, and teachings that you will take with you into your life. The invitation is here for anyone who wants to return home to themselves.

Healing is the soul’s journey to remembering. It is an opportunity, an awakening from a deep sleep.

How does Healing Work?

It always begins exactly where you are. In the ever present “now”. We will delve into the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual aspects of your intention toward living a fuller life. As a committed facilitator and practitioner, we will work together in the unfolding of hidden and stagnant energy and over time a deeper sense of connection will occur and the energy of the life force will be reunited.

When self-awareness, empowerment and responsibility occur your own healing energies will be activated and then, they will begin to be part of your daily life. You will always be responsible for your own healing process, working at your own pace.

How long does it take to Heal?

It will be an on going life process. It is not a “quick fix”. Transformation requires patience, time, space and a deep commitment to yourself. During our first session we will establish the basis of your healing plan and the duration of our sessions.

What is Healing?