Holistic Health Practitioner Montreal

Holistic Health Practitioner Montreal offering services in the following: Transpersonal Life Coaching, Individual and Couples Counseling, Grief and Trauma Counseling, Energy Balancing for Wellness, Body Mind Centered Awareness, Pre and Post Surgery Energy Balancing, Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress Management, Soul Loss and Recovery, Long Distance Healing and Counseling, and Energy Medicine Training Program.

A Poetry Book by Rosa Bergola

I am the author of "Awakening to the Peace Within, The Journey of Spirit into Matter", a poetry book designed to take you through the four phases of the inner peach journey. Every poem is a vision of my life and relationship with people, nature, and the "great-mystery-that-moves-through-all-things". Each chapter a manifestation of my commitment to the creative process and how the journey ignites the soul to grow.

Dean of the Peacemaker School Canada

I am the Dean and Founder of the Peacemeaker School of Canada established in 2004 as an international school dedicated to teaching Peacemaking, Energy Medicine and Conflict Partnership.

What is Healing and How does it Work?

We are often not aware of what ails us. We feel tired stressed, sluggish, and a deep sense of loss. We experience stress, overwhelm and despair. Holding on will only bring more pain and suffering. But if we move through it, we find peace in our hearts. The process of healing begins when we awaken to what is hidden. Our awareness shifts and we open to the places in us that keep us stagnant.

My Services

Transpersonal Life Coaching
Grief and Trauma Counseling
Body Mind Centered Awareness
Individual and Couples Counseling
Energy Balancing for Wellness
Pre and Post Surgery Energy Balancing
Soul Loss and Recovery
Long Distance Healing and Counseling
Energy Medicine Training Program
Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress Management